Our Approach

Team-Based Approach

We believe in change and growth, and in helping students develop the skills necessary to evolve into strong, independent young men and women. At Redwood, parents are integral members of the team. We believe that the process works best when everyone is bringing something to the table: parents, student, school, other professionals, and consultant. The process begins by helping families to clarify what their goals are for their child, both short term and long term, and then making decisions with those goals in mind. Any school or program selection will yield more fruit when it is a part of a larger plan, and each of those steps should be taken judiciously. While it is often tempting to make an immediate decision, it is usually more prudent to make a thorough decision.

The process is generally broken down into several important steps:

Assessment. We begin with a thorough background assessment of what is happening for the child in all areas of their life: academic, clinical, social, extra-curricular, in the home, within the family, and more. In addition to evaluating all of the relevant and necessary paperwork regarding the student, it is also essential that we are able to connect with important people in your child’s life, such as educators, therapists, advisors, mentors, coaches, and the like.

Identification of options. Once we have gathered as much information as we can, we work with the family or student to develop an appropriate list of options and help them to understand why those options make sense. We will help you to factor in all of the critical components that go into selecting the proper school or program such as size, academic needs, varying levels of support, geography, finances, etc...

Selection. After identifying and analyzing all of the different options, the best thing that we can do is to help the family diligently think through those options and steer them into making a solid decision. Think of us as a resource to help guide and support you come to a thoughtful and comprehensive decision.

Follow through. Now that you have made a decision as to what the next step will be, we are here to help the family through the admissions process and, when appropriate, follow the student through their time at that school. This can help to ensure accountability for, and from, both the family and the school or program.